Government of the people, by the people, for the people.


Our postulate is the following: our collective future will be perennial subject to two sine qua none conditions: the search for more harmony and the implementation of procedures of direct participatory democracy. The search for more harmony, with oneself, others and nature will allow us to live together in the most benevolent way possible to preserve peace. The implementation of more procedures of direct participatory democracy will serve as a methodology for us to invent together solutions for a better world, respecting our individual liberties and the imperatives of societal organization in order to manage in a sustainable way the planetary common goods.

Legislative elections 2022 & Referendum of Shared Initiative

The objective of Démocratie Directe is to use Article 11 of the Constitution to organize a referendum of shared initiative that will propose the elaboration in France of a parliamentary regime with numerous procedures of participative direct democracy so that power is exercised by the people and for the people and protects the people from potential authoritarian drift. Once Direct Democracy has been established as a mode of collective governance, citizens will be called upon to express their views on the major contemporary social issues, to decide collectively on the society in which we want to live. Démocratie Directe is a participatory governance approach at the national level to set in motion the 2nd French (r)evolution.

Direct Democracy petition

In order for us to initiate a referendum of shared initiative, 1/5th of the parliamentarians and 1/10th of the registered voters will have to sign a petition on this issue, representing almost 5 million people. Démocratie Directe therefore proposes that you now sign a petition requesting the establishment of a participatory direct democracy through Article 11 of the Constitution.

Direct Democracy book

The book Direct Democracy addresses various contemporary subjects, in a most factual way. However, the opinions only engage its author, who calls for constructive criticism. This book is an invitation to collective reflection. It does not constitute in any way the political proposals of the Direct Democracy Party, whose sole objective is the establishment of a mode of national governance based on Participative Direct Democracy. It will be up to the people to decide which policies they wish to implement, by expressing themselves through the different procedures of Direct Democracy detailed in this book. In the same way, this book tries to explain how Direct Democracy will be a prerequisite to respond together to the great contemporary challenges in order to leave our children a society in which they will have the best possible chances to live decently and in peace