For a sixth parliamentary republic with direct democracy procedures to address the major contemporary issues.

Direct Democracy is a reflection on the establishment of a parliamentary republic integrating ministerial directorates and procedures of participatory direct democracy (referendum, referendum of popular initiative, revocation, drawing of lots of a part of the representatives …) as a mode of governance by collective intelligence to build and sustain a society in which we will have the best chance to live decently in peace by resolving the major contemporary issues we are facing that are : access to water, malnutrition, global warming, sustainable management of natural and energy resources, population monitoring, income inequality, employment, debt, the role of banks, child abuse, education, gender inequality and refugees. The ideas raised are to be debated and challenged with a view to collectively imagining pragmatic and relevant approaches to implement a new democratic revolution.

Shared Initiative Referendum on Direct Democracy

Démocratie Directe would like to invite parliamentarians to use Article 11 of the Constitution to organize a referendum of shared initiative that will propose the elaboration in France of a new mode of shared governance, with a real power of parliament and numerous procedures of participative direct democracy so that power is exercised by the people and for the people and protects the people from potential authoritarian abuses. Citizens will then be invited to debate the major contemporary issues, to decide collectively on the society in which they want to live. Direct Democracy is a process of collective and participatory governance at the national level to launch a new democratic revolution. 

Démocratie Directe Petition

In order for us to initiate a referendum of shared initiative, 1/5th of the parliamentarians and 1/10th of the registered voters will have to sign a petition on this issue, representing almost 5 million people. Therefore, Démocratie Directe proposes from now on to sign a petition requesting a referendum for the establishment of a 6th parliamentary republic with direct democracy procedures via Article 11 of the Constitution.

Démocratie Directe Book

The book Démocratie Directe explains why the establishment of a parliamentary regime with Direct Democracy procedures would allow us to better respond to the major contemporary problems, with a view to bequeathing to our children a society in which they will have the best possible chance to live decently and in peace